Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Arizona

Change in the Kosher Certification of Arizona Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Locations

According to Kosher LA, the organization that certifies Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, as of June 15, 2015 the food prepared and served at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations throughout the State of Arizona will no longer be certified kosher. These locations now share the same status as the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf location at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport:

Hot and cold drinks will still be made with ingredients that are under kosher supervision.

Pre-packaged items with a hechser may still be available and may be purchased as in any other store.

Please note that this change only affects locations in Arizona. In certain respects, these stores are managed independently of the franchise in other states.

Please see the following communication from Kosher LA:

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores in Arizona only, will be rolling out a new branded packaged food program. Many kosher options were explored first, but for many reasons, they were not viable for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores in Arizona.

Unfortunately, the food program vendor is not Kosher certified and as of June 15th, 2015, The Arizona Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores will no longer carry Kosher bakery and sandwich items.

All the Coffee Bean beverages, such as the coffees, teas, ice blendeds etc., will however remain the same and will be kosher.
Some pre-packaged cookies etc. will also be kosher when bearing a Kosher symbol.

We know how much these stores were appreciated by the communities in Arizona.

If you have any further questions, please address them to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf customer service at 310-237-2326

With Torah blessings,
Rabbi Jonathan Benzaquen

“Kosher made Simple”