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Introducing Yogurtini – Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

We are pleased to announce that frozen yogurt, toppings, and other products at

Yogurtini – Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory 

located at 13610 N Scottsdale Rd STE 24, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
are now certified kosher by the Greater Phoenix Vaad Hakashruth.
Please note that only the Yogurtini location specified at the address above is certified by the Vaad.  
Yogurtini – RMCF offers many products, some of which are kosher, and many others which are NOT KOSHER.  Please pay careful attention to the Yogurtini Kosher Guide (Click here) to ensure a seamless kosher experience.  The guide is also posted in the store and at  As always, please let us know if you have any questions.  

How to Kasher a Dishwasher

Do not kasher a dishwasher until 24 hours has elapsed from its last use.  The dishwasher must be deep cleaned; pay special attention to food debris that can be trapped in difficult to reach spaces.
Run the dishwasher with soap three consecutive times on the longest and hottest cycle. Then run it again without detergent.  It is now kosher.

Vaad update: Lior the Baker

Vaad Update
Effective immediately, Lior the Baker has discontinued its certification agreement with the Greater Phoenix Vaad Kashruth.   This applies to both bakery items and products, for year-round and Passover.
Please post and distribute this message.