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Kashrus Alerts

613 Grill – Permanently Closed

We are sorry to announce that 613 Grill, located at 6219 N. 7th St in Phoenix, is permanently closed.  The restaurant has been sold and the new owners plan on opening a new, NON-KOSHER restaurant with a different name at the same location.         613 Grill Phoenix

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Segal’s Kosher Foods

After serving the Phoenix kosher community for many decades, Segal’s Kosher Foods and Segal’s Oasis Grill closed permanently in 2020.

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Passover Info 2021

To view information for Pesach 5781, click here.

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Vaad alert: Mrs. Klein’s Pickle Co. Hot Cauliflower & So Hot Mix

Kosher supervision of the following products produced by Mrs. Klein’s Pickle Co. has been discontinued, effective immediately: Hot Cauliflower So Hot Mix Packaging may incorrectly bear a Vaad “K-Aleph” symbol; corrective action has been taken.

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How to Kasher a Dishwasher

Do not kasher a dishwasher until 24 hours has elapsed from its last use. Run the dishwasher with soap three consecutive times on the longest and hottest cycle. Then run it again without detergent.

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Passover 2020

Passover 2020 information has been updated.  Click here for more info: http://www.kosherphoenix.org/index.php/passover/

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Vaad update: Lior the Baker

Vaad Update Effective immediately, Lior the Baker has discontinued its certification agreement with the Greater Phoenix Vaad Kashruth.   This applies to both bakery items and products, for year-round and Passover. Please post and distribute this message.

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Non-standard Vaad Kosher Symbol

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It has come to our attention that a slightly modified version of the Vaad symbol appears on several products under our supervision (pictured).  This symbol is valid when appearing on any product with a valid Letter of Certification.  Please note that this symbol will be phased out and replaced with the standard Vaad symbol.

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milk+honey espresso bar & eatery – Dinner Menu and Hours

milk+honey espresso bar & eatery now has extended hours and is open until 8:30 PM with a completely new dinner menu. To view the new menu and hours of operation, click here.

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Zabari Grill – CLOSED

We are sorry to announce that Zabari Mediterranean Grill is now out of business.

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