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Balsalmic Vinegar Sold Locally at 99 Cents Stores

Please see the alert below from Star-K Certification which is relevant to a balsalmic vinegar that is sold locally at 99 Cents stores that is no longer kosher even when bearing the Star-K symbol.
Please be advised that Cosmopolitan Food Group and all its brands, including Palermo, Milas, Casa di Oliva, Zayit, and Original Gourmet, has been terminated due to Kashrus violations.  Consumers are advised not to use any of these products, even when bearing a Star-K,  with the exception of unflavored olive oils.
Please post and distribute this notice.

Alpine Valley Bread Pas Yisroel status


Effective immediately, Alpine Valley Bread is certified Pareve, Pas Palter.

Due to changes in the production facility, it is no longer certified
Pas Yisroel and all packaging will soon reflect this change.

This applies to Sprouts and Cobblestone breads with Vaad certification as well.

Pas Yisroel 5776

What is Pas Yisroel?

breadIf a Jew is involved in any part of the baking process (e.g, he/she turns on the oven), the baked food has the status of Pas Yisroel (“Jewish bread”).
It is the custom of many communities to use only Pas Yisroel  during the Aseret Yemi Teshuvah – the ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Vaad Certified Pas Yisroel Products

The following products from the following Vaad establishments are currently certified Pas Yisroel:

  • Alpine Valley Bread Company
    • ONLY when Pas Yisroel is specified on the label  As of 12/2015, AVB is not certified Pas Yisroel
  • Imperial Kosher Market
    • Challah, buns, and other products
  • La Bella Pizzaria and Restaurant
    • Everything in the store, including challah and baked goods
  • Levi Cafe and Bakery
    • Challah, pastries, rolls, cakes
  • Mozart Cafe
    • Challah and some other products
  • New York Bagels and Bialys
  • Paprika
    • Pita
  • Segal’s One Stop Shop
    • Bread, challah, pastries, rolls, cakes
For a complete list of Vaad certified products, please refer to each individual certificate, available here.
There are also several varities of Vaad certified “Sprouts” brand bread that are Pas Yisroel; please check the Vaad symbol for details.

גמר חתימה טובה


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Arizona

Change in the Kosher Certification of Arizona Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Locations

According to Kosher LA, the organization that certifies Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, as of June 15, 2015 the food prepared and served at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations throughout the State of Arizona will no longer be certified kosher. These locations now share the same status as the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf location at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport:

Hot and cold drinks will still be made with ingredients that are under kosher supervision.

Pre-packaged items with a hechser may still be available and may be purchased as in any other store.

Please note that this change only affects locations in Arizona. In certain respects, these stores are managed independently of the franchise in other states.

Please see the following communication from Kosher LA:

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores in Arizona only, will be rolling out a new branded packaged food program. Many kosher options were explored first, but for many reasons, they were not viable for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores in Arizona.

Unfortunately, the food program vendor is not Kosher certified and as of June 15th, 2015, The Arizona Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores will no longer carry Kosher bakery and sandwich items.

All the Coffee Bean beverages, such as the coffees, teas, ice blendeds etc., will however remain the same and will be kosher.
Some pre-packaged cookies etc. will also be kosher when bearing a Kosher symbol.

We know how much these stores were appreciated by the communities in Arizona.

If you have any further questions, please address them to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf customer service at 310-237-2326

With Torah blessings,
Rabbi Jonathan Benzaquen

“Kosher made Simple”